Speech Web Magazine

SPEECH web magazine, 2005-2009, published by A Constructed World. SPEECH aimed to create a space for conversation with the following in mind: Is it possible to enter a terrain beyond knowledge and power and speak? Is it possible to escape categorisation and cohesion and speak?

SPEECH attempted to bring a lively discourse that was already taking place in private, in bars, studios and lounge rooms into a more public realm. There were regular responders who wrote about exhibitions and interviewed people, as well as regular commentators who posted comments that would tease out issues that might lead to wider conversations and interpretation rather than mere advocacy.

Regular responders included art critics, artists and others such as Bianca Hester, Natalie King, Liv Barrett, Geoff Newton, Callum Morton, Michael Ashcroft, Kate Smith, Geoff Lowe and Jacqueline Riva. Rosemary Forde was the editor for the last couple of active years, bringing with her a few regular contributors. Also contributing were French art critics including Judicael Lavrador, Benedicte Ramade and Charlotte Laubard.

SPEECH web magazine followed the print publication Artfan, a magazine to read, 1993-2002, published by A Constructed World. Artfan invited contributions from art critics, artists and people who said they knew nothing about contemporary art.