A refreshing week with Martha Rosler

Martha Rosler: Art & Social Life; The Case of Video Art
unitednationsplaza Berlin,10 December 6pm
[Rosler's] seminar foregrounded a crucial aspect of video, which is easily overlooked at the moment. This feeling was amplified by an exhibition ... The Art of Projection: Films, Videos and Installations. The videos included in the show, especially those dating from the 1990s onwards, revealed how works are becoming more and more monumental and sculptural in stark contrast to the low-tech, low-profile features of the early days. The Art of Projection, which was just one of many similar shows, made me realize once more how much video has lost its emancipatory aspect particularly in comparison to the videos I had seen over that one week. read the article
Pelin Uran
image: Hamburger Bahnhof Museum Fur Gegenwart, Berlin
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