Mark Wallinger with Bénédicte Ramade

Bénédicte Ramade interviews Mark Wallinger
From 2001 until 2006, Brian Haw patiently constructed a protest camp next to the House of Parlement in London. The 40 meter spontaneous architecture of pictures, banners, posters, moaning teddy bears and many daily supplies were removed by 78 policemen and trashed in May 2006. A new law was introduced forbidding any demonstration within a zone of one kilometer around the House of Parlement, due to potential terrorist threat. Haw's pacifist camp, settled in this zone, was erased in one night. Fascinated for months by the involvement of Brian Haw and the commitment of the people, Mark Wallinger started to take some hundred or so pictures over the months before the destruction. After Wallinger decided to precisely recreate Haw's installation at the Tate Britain, then exhibited for 8 months, within the security perimeter. This demonstration booth against the war in Irak is now on view in France near Paris, at MACVAL.
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