A dinner with... Erick Beltran

9 bis - 21 rue des Trois Frères Paris, Sunday Feb 3 at 8.30pm Un projet de Thomas Boutoux, Natasa Petresin et François Piron, avec Benjamin Thorel et Oscar Tuazon
During the exhibition Société Anonyme, last March at le Plateau, Mexican artist Erick Beltran developed a body of work around the notion of synesthaesia as a metaphor for the translation of practices and the creation of links between unrelated things as a way of organising the chaos of signs. He worked full-time over four months in the art space organising workshops with children or art students, participating in debates, inviting scientists to respond to his experiences… This working method, based on exhaustion and energy expenditure, lead him to performances and presentations considered as never-ending events.

Last night Erick prepared a dinner at the Kadist foundation to accompany his discourse, considering different dishes as tasteful translations and creating the baseline for a conversation about synesthaesia between him and the 25 dinner guests. SPEECH asked a number of the dinner guest to respond, read on...