...excepté peut-être une constellation

220 jours
11 rue Louise Weiss 75013 Paris, une exposition en deux parties, janvier - février
This is an ongoing show about how the space or place is moving around. A one-eyed-view that consequently has no depth is pictured twice. There is a nomadic, ambulant video that was previously shown at La promesse de l’écran. You can’t cross out or deface this space here anymore, you are only able to make it absent or pristine. There is an impression of the globe on the floor. If this writing sounds hidden or arcane, so is this exhibition that will last 220 days. It is kind of mapping of what we don’t-know (together), but by showing how the place or space moves it prompts us to see that we already-know, what we sense we don’t (know). It’s like there is very little understanding but perception is fast. see http://www.220jours.blogspot.com
Geoff Lowe
image Aurélien Froment Pour en Finir Avec la Profondeur de Champ 2008


Anonymous Anonymous said...

to me it was a bit difficult to approach the exhibit, couldn't find press release or explanations, so I felt a bit excluded in that sense... but I love the idea of a commercial gallery having a space / creating spaces for curatorial thinking... and Omer Fast video across the streat is great, very nice setting also... well done GB Agency!!


8:37 PM  
Anonymous David said...

I thought your project was meant to be about communicating with people. I don't understand anything here.

10:35 PM  
Anonymous C.L. said...

I think that to give an impression on the show now would be unfair with the works. I went to the opening and I had the feeling it deserved a lot of attention and time but there were too many works, too little space, too many people inside the space. However I would like to go back and look at it again which it is actually a good first impression, I guess.

1:37 PM  

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