Roni Horn

A Kind of You: 6 Portraits
Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, 111 Sturt Street Southbank, Melbourne, Aug-Sept

Flowing emotions, borderline crazy.
Elin Haukeboe

The blurred in-motion faces of the clown creates a flashback to Stephen King’s film ‘IT’. Not what I would expect as an introduction to the exhibition. Or any other art exhibition.
Joel Hui Tan

The subject is obscured on several levels, introducing the concept of masking the mask - as if to avoid recognition, though assuming an already impenetrable guise.
Jordan Russ

You walk in to a space, all eyes upon you, you feel as if you’re being questioned, yet you’re not self-conscious.
Miki Petrovic

Face, raw and fleshy.
Ben Callinan
click here to read more one-sentence responses to the exhibition from photography students at Deakin University
image: Roni Horn, Portrait of an Image (with Isabelle Huppert) 2005, courtesy ACCA


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