Old News

cneai = ile des impressionnistes chatou, Oct-Jan 2007
curated by Jacob Fabricius
In this exhibition Jacob Fabricius presents Old News no 1 and 2. Free newspapers compiled with reprinted articles from newspapers chosen by invitees worldwide over 2004-5 (with 2006 now being compiled). The exhibition is a series of reading rooms with news exhibits, archives and furniture constructed from stacks of Old News newspapers. On the opening night artist Karl Holmqvist made a performance, reading from Old News in different languages. SPEECH asked Karl Holmqvist about his newspaper readings...
See news about Old News at www.porksaladpress.org.


Anonymous rose said...

I like the sound of this project, its like making your own remix of the news. Was the audience able to make their own newspapers too? The way we can select what bits of information we will consume and what we will skim over is the little bit of power we each have as editors of our own information intake.
I have a friend who collects and files news and magazine articles prolifically, her spare room is full of them, cross-referenced by topic and who she knows who might appreciate it - like if she sees a nice picture of motorbikes she might keep it for her Dad. But I don't know if she ever gets round to sending them to anyone.
Also, my grandparents have a friend who lives one street over, he's old like them and between their various ailments and old fashioned slightly reclusive habits, they don't often see each other. But about once a week he'll leave an envelope of clippings in their letterbox. Usually stuff about the war or home (they are all Scottish immigrants now living in New Zealand) that my grandparents don't really want to think about. But it's his way of keeping some kind of connection.
It doesn't seem to matter too much if the news is old, last night on TV there was an entertainment programme showing "highlights" from the news from the year 2001. ("What a Year - The Aussie girl who became a star, the mullet which wasn't a fish and the day the world changed forever.")

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