Hany Armanious

Ocular Lab
31 Pearson Street, Brunswick West, Melbourne, September 2005
Hany Armanious suggests that creativity, moments of change, all activity is a hot moment of friction then explosion. His sculpture Central Core Component from the Centre of the Universe models this combustion-reaction of new ideas. The sculpture is made of cast expander foam, cast pewter, polystyrene balls, carved and painted polystyrene pillars, a wax seat with candle, and a composite block of pepper corns. Like much of his work it intimates that alchemy and hallucination are essential. LSD, faith and hope are the beginning of all thought. It made me think, Is this how we generate an idea? Is this how the world explodes into being?
Rob McKenzie


Anonymous christopher l g hill said...

if the moment of explosion of a thought is polarised surely it is no longer that moment but the multitude of posible moments. Which i think it is, and this is what is great about hanny's work, that it is mutiple moments as the one form/moment, stopping polarisation and staying in flux or the past. thus aluding the present. Do you meen Loss of Stationary Dimention, in refrence to "LSD"

5:38 AM  
Blogger matthew Shannon said...

it seems the work to me is a collaboration of monad type points. Although i agree it is one form/moment, i think what is most interesting is that the presence of the work partially requires camping, for a moment, out of flux.

10:12 AM  

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