Richard Grigg

Kings ARI
King Street Melbourne, June 2005
Richard Grigg
Richard has made a really thoughtful and intricate group of works. The space is dark and there are tiny battery operated globes that illuminate his objects and drawings. Pieces - legs, a bird with a cube for feet, a tree - are made from card stuck together and carved and sanded down with incredible detail and attention. And yet they are somehow also loose and the emphasis is not on the crafting of the objects but how they materialise and relate to the other things he's made and assembled. There is something not unfamiliar about this work but it's new somehow, perhaps it's the approach.
Jacqueline Riva


Anonymous Brendan Lee said...

It was a damn fine show and I'm not just saying that because I helped out with it. His use of archaeological and societal remnants allowed us to finally see inside Griggsy's world. Richard was due for a bit of recognition and now that he's in London (no doubt staring at Cleopatra at the British Museum) he's getting a great review in un Magazine

stick that in your links

3:15 PM  
Anonymous Brendan Lee said...

Just thought that I'd add that the Mythologies of Film#1 contained a person I know named Rob Cyberman and not myself. And yes, he did change his name by depol from Clyberman.

9:18 AM  

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